The Games+Mobile Play Learn Live Laboratory  is located in the Department of Computer Science in room 301 of the Computer Science Building. The lab is affectionately known as GMPL or GMPL3 and is directed by Dr. Quincy Brown.

Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct experimental, exploratory, and field research involving human interactions with gaming and mobile technology based upon the following observations:

    • The evolution of mobile phones from voice communication devices to small-scale computers has lead them to become platforms to support and improve the ways in which we play, live, and learn.
    • As digital games have evolved and grown in popularity the genre’s ability to capture the attention of people has led to investigations into the non-entertainment use of digital games.

In GMPL3 our core research efforts are directed at understanding the design of mobile and gaming applications to support playing, learning, and living. We engage in activities to the uncover interaction modes, interface designs, and activities in support of these aspects of our lives.

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